How Does an Amazon Creative Agency Work?

Amazon is an ever-changing platform when it comes to marketing opportunities. It would help if you kept up with Amazon’s latest advertising options to stay ahead of your competitors and attract potential customers to order your products instead of others. But Amazon advertising can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the basics of marketing your products on this platform. That’s where you need the help of an Amazon Creative Agency that can implement innovative marketing strategies to help your business grow on this popular online store.

Types of services

As already mentioned, a creative agency would come up with innovative advertising strategies to market your product. Their services come under three main categories: custom development, creative branding, and unique digital strategies. When it comes to Amazon advertising, here’s what you can expect:

  • Amazon listing optimization
  • Amazon PPC services, including headline search, product display ads, and sponsored products
  • Boosting Amazon product rankings

Different types of campaigns

Amazon sponsored product ads are crucial to driving traffic to your brand. It significantly increases the chances of discovering your product. There are thousands of sellers on Amazon. How do you think some of them manage to appear on the first page of Amazon’s search results? It’s all because of brilliant marketing campaigns.

Suppose you want to buy an electric razor. You will notice various Amazon sponsored products on the first page of your search results. Most of them meet quality standards and have good reviews. Would you want to explore the second and third pages if you get your desired product on the first page? You won’t. That’s the difference an Amazon Creative Agency can bring to your products. With cutthroat competition in Amazon, you need to drive relevant traffic using pay-per-click to increase your sales volume and wondering how an Amazon Creative Agency will go about with the marketing campaigns? Here’s how they work.

1. Automatic

Amazon’s algorithm collects keywords according to the search terms used by Amazon users. Automated campaigns usually rely on these keywords to help your product appear on the list of suggestions. Once Amazon’s algorithm collects the keywords, it targets some of the most relevant terms that your product’s advertising relates to.

While many people say that manual campaigns are the best, experts believe otherwise. They think that automatic movements should run side by side with manual campaigns. Yes, it should have a lower bid amount than manual campaigns, but you shouldn’t discard the idea altogether. Automatic advertising on Amazon helps to target competitors’ ASINs. They also run sponsored ads on competitors’ listing in case the algorithm marks it as irrelevant.

2. Manual

Manual campaigns start after running an automatic campaign. The algorithm sets a foundation by providing the necessary keywords that usually drive clicks and increase conversions. With manual campaigns, you have better control when it comes to the keyword-level bid amount. Marketing experts work on exact match keywords, broad phrases, and bid amounts depending on the product’s relevance.

3. Headline Search Ads

Better known as HAS in the Amazon marketing industry, these are available with Amazon Brand Registry. Headline search ads always appear at the top of any search result. The creative agency will develop unique headline search ads that will give you more control over your ad’s content, such as images or product descriptions. This type of ad opens up doors to drive traffic to your landing page or an Amazon storefront, specifically designed for your brand. Marketers focus on engaging messages that attract attention to these ads.

Appearing on Amazon’s first page of search results is imperative if you want to see your business grow. And for that, you need to invest in Amazon marketing that creative agencies can help with.