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How To Start IoT Development

Many blogs and articles about IoT, Internet Of Things, beginning with the typical definition of the IoT and then tells us about that how IoT come into being and what are its stats and metrics about how IoT is further growing and becoming a significant part of our lives and businesses.

Without any doubt, the Internet of things is booming in the upcoming years. The number of connected devices will cross 9 billion in the worldwide usage. According to the new research, more than 21 billion Internet of Things devices will be in use; the analysis predicts this!

IoT is used and connected through cars, home, and businesses places.

They play an essential role in our, and almost everything is dependent on them!

The question is, How to start IoT development?

You have to refresh your C language as well as other developing languages such as Java, Python, C#, Scala to start the IoT development. It’s not an easy task, to be very frank! It requires a lot of knowledge and hard working.

Now a question arises, what are the main steps in developing an Internet of Thing device? A software developer Kornilios Ampatiz suggested four main steps:

  • Assembling all the hardware parts, this may include the core engineering skills, and a developer is needed to complete the action.
  • Programming the hardware device, this probably requires the skills for programming to read the data from the sensor and chips on the device and send the data to the server.
  • Programming the primary server according to your IoT device requirement that will send and receive the data from the IoT device, this will include the server-side languages such as python, c#, java, etc.
  • Showing the data to the user’s device, this step incorporates the app or web page that will show the collection of the data to the user side.

Usually, the developer is not all in one for all of these steps and stages. Answering the question that “How to start IoT development?” is not that easy though! However, following these above-mentioned steps can make it a bit reasonable for you.

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