Summer Camp NYC

How I Found The Best Summer Camps NYC Has

I was looking for something for my son to do during the summer, and a friend of mine suggested checking out summer camps in the area. She told me about a few that she heard about recently, but she didn’t know the specifics of them. Later that day, I went online and searched for the best summer camps NYC has in the area. I found several websites with information about the camps and the cost. Many of them looked like good places, but I wanted to make sure I found something that was educational and also fun.

I started asking around to see what people I knew could tell me. I asked family, friends and co-workers if they had sent their kids to summer camps around here and, if so, what they recommended. None of them had any specific advice about certain camps, so I decided to take my search to Facebook. I made a post asking if anyone could recommend the best summer camps NYC has in the area. I made sure to make my post public so I could share it in local groups for NYC and the surrounding area. I also shared it in parent and educational groups I am in on Facebook.

It wasn’t long before people started commenting with recommendations, and also people saying about where not to send my child. I took note of everything I could find out about the camps and made a list of the prices and the ones that cut. Before enrolling my son in any of them, I wanted to see what he thought he would like the best. I read him the list of options, and he decided which one he wanted to go to. He enjoyed his time there, and I’m glad I took the time to find a great place to send him.